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Our Mission

Only authentic thinking can lead to effective European and Global communications.

Which European country leads the world in organ donation?

We leverage our fundamental understanding of local markets around the globe to provide undaunted authentic thinking to you. We believe that only undaunted authenticity delivers the extraordinary communications needed to make exceptional improvements in global health.

Only local knowledge finds authenticity

What is authentic thinking? Well think back to when you were on holiday and found that amazing local restaurant. It wasn’t listed in any tour guide and certainly wasn’t given any stars by the critics. But it’s where the locals go and it was one of the best meals of your life. That’s what authentic means and we bring it to healthcare communications.

Our authentic thinking is:

Authentic thinking like this can’t be provided by agencies that don’t have a local foundation like Vivactis Global Health.

Which European country leads the world in organ donation?

Spain is the number one country in regards to organ donation (human that is!)