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Which European city is home to the world's largest annual tomato fight?

You can tell pretty quickly when something isn’t authentic, can’t you? Us too, which is why authenticity is one of the core principles we keep close to heart here at Vivactis Global Health. Authentic healthcare communications are all we do, because they are the only ones that actually work.

How do we stay authentic? We do it by doing things right. When we say we specialise in European and Global communications and education campaigns, it means we do it by getting deep, country-specific, insights via our offices that are successful businesses in their own right, doing national level work.

It also means that when we say we are a full-service communications agency it’s not because we are generalists. We have genuine experts in every aspect of healthcare communications who do nothing else on a day-to-day basis.

If that sounds refreshing to you, give us a chance to think about one of your challenges using our more authentic approach. Call or email with your problem, big or small, and see what it feels like to get something real again. In the meantime, feel free to have a look around here and get a better feel for what we have to offer.

Which European city is home to the world's largest annual tomato fight?

The world's largest tomato fight occurs on 31st August every year in a village near Valencia, Spain.